Vince Young graduates from the University of Texas

According to Black Sports Online, former NFL quarterback Vince Young has finished the necessary classes for him to finish up his bachelors degree.  If you don’t remember Young left for the NFL after his junior year at Texas.  It’s great that he went back and took care of business.

“This will rank No. 1 because it is what I came to school for,” Young told Thursday after his workout session in the Longhorns weight room. “I came here to get an education, and to win a national championship. And now, I get to put that smile on my mom’s face.”


“I’m about to be the first in my family to graduate,” he said. “Just finishing what I started. That’s why I’m trying to get back in the NFL. To finish what I started. That is the type of guy I am. I do work hard–even when the times are good or bad. That’s just how I was raised. My mom used to be strung out on drugs. The one thing she used to always be able to do, was be in the house to go to work the next morning. I don’t know how she got up after she was doing the things she was doing, but she used to be right there making sure we were getting ready for school and she was going to work. I saw that.


“I tell her to this day, ‘Ma, you’re a strong woman.’ She was coming in after being out all night and then she’d pick up my grandma after she did a graveyard shift, where she’d go in at 11 p.m. and be done at 7 a.m. And when (my mom) got cleaned up, that was something I always saw in my mom and my grandmother was that strength to take care of the family and do whatever they had to do. Just finish what you started. That’s where I got my fire and my push and to be happy what life gives you.”

Now that it looks like Young’s NFL career is over, I’m sure he’ll find a way to use his degree. I certainly wish him the best going forward.


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