Vince Young believes he’s better then most NFL quarterbacks

Free agent quarterback Vince Young told NFL AM that he believes he’s better then most NFL quarterbacks that are in the league right now.

“I really feel like I can do a much better job than a lot of, most quarterbacks in the league,” said Young, per the Tennessean.

Young believes he was released by the Bills because of his off the field problems with his finances.

“I don’t really feel like it was my game. I just really feel like (it was) some of the off-the-field issues,” Young said about being cut from the Bills. “I really feel like teams don’t want their quarterback to be in a position where they’re distracted.

“I was young at the time and I put my trust in a lot of people. I was getting taken advantage of. Basically I’m the victim of the situation. Just got to clean up that mess, just to let teams know I’m a little bit more mature than I used to be. I’ve grown a whole lot.”

It’s great that Young is so confident in himself, but he needs to realize that his lack of focus is the reason he’s out of the league right now and that his play on the field was very bad with both the Eagles and Bills.



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