Vikings trying to get Adrian Peterson involved in the passing game

Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has stated that they want to get running back Adrian Peterson more involved in the passing game this coming season.

“A big part of that is finding ways for Adrian to not have to run in such crowded areas all the time,” Turner said, via “He’s going to have to do that, that’s part of his job, he’s the best in the league at it. But if we can get him more space we can take advantage of his great abilities.”

Turner sayas Peterson has good hands.

“He’s got good hands, I think he’s comfortable with the routes that we would ask him to run,” Turner said. “It’s certainly not the lead part of what we’re doing. We threw a screen to him yesterday that was as nicely set up as you could ask for and the linemen got out in front. If we can get him in space like that throughout a game, throughout the season it will help all of us.”


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