Vikings not ready to name a starting quarterback

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer isn’t ready to name his starting quarterback for their season opener.

“I thought Matt played well,” Zimmer told reporters. “He led them down a 97-yard drive to start the ball game, made a great throw to Cordarrelle [Patterson] and got hit and smacked a couple times but stood in there. He also dropped a couple of balls, but it’s not all on the quarterback. I thought he did well, and I thought Teddy [Bridgewater] did well.”

Matt Cassel seems to be in the dark when it comes to Zimmer’s thinking.

“I don’t know, they will have to make that decision,” Cassel told reporters. “Hopefully that decision gets made sooner rather than later, but again, I’m going to go out and keep competing and hopefully it all works out for the best.”