Vikings new stadium will have a self-cleaning roof

The Minnesota Vikings vice president of public affairs/stadium development, Lester Bagley spoke with the St. Paul Pioneer Press and was asked how the roof on the new stadium will be cleaned since it will be clear.

The ETFE product is self-cleaning. It’s the largest clear roof in the world and the first on a stadium in the U.S. There are some in Europe.

He was then asked how it will clean bird droppings off.

With rain and moisture, this product is self-cleaning.

Bagley also confirmed that the roof is designed so snow will slide right off.

There’s a basin that catches the snow and prevents it from going down to the street. It slides off the roof into a gutter, essentially, and it breaks up from there. It will be very safe.

I really like how the stadium looks and the design sounds almost unreal.


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