Vikings GM: We’re not trading Adrian Peterson

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has made it clear that they will not be trading running back Adrian Peterson.

“Adrian is not going anywhere,” he said via “We have him under contract. He’s the face of our franchise. He is a blue-chip player. And we have a new coaching staff in place, and (the Vikings are) very excited about what’s coming ahead for us.”

The best thing the Vikings could do is get rid of Peterson and use the draft picks that they would received in exchange for him to continue to attempt to build a winning team.  Let’s be honest,  they’re not winning a Super Bowl within the next few years.

  • drbernie67

    Peterson is a once in a generation player. You do not trade those types of players away. The Vikings will contend for the NFC North crown next year.

  • Anonymous

    you know what kind of draft picks he could get….no team in their right mind would give up all that for one singel player even if its AD….I sick of reading these fantasies of how they would be so much better without the best player on the team. Stop the madness and sit back and enjoy the best running back in the world play here in Minnesota….