Vikings cut Kluwe for performance reasons

The Minnesota Vikings cut punter Chris Kluwe back in May and many believed that it was due to Kluwe’s use of the 1st Amendment. Apparently that’s not the case says Vikings’ special teams coordinator Mike Priefer. Priefer says it was more due to performance reasons via KSTP-AM.

It was more consistency and productivity,” Priefer said in a response to a question about what factors, statistical or otherwise, contributed to the decision. Asked if Kluwe could have improved his production, Priefer said simply, “I just felt like we needed to make a change there.

Clearly there was some dislike on Priefer’s part against Kluwe if he didn’t even want to give him a chance to compete, though there was reports to the contrary.

In fairness to Priefer he does say he respects Kluwe.

A lot of people like to write and report that he and I didn’t get along,” Priefer said. “I have a lot of respect for (him). I think, based on what he’s done in his career, as a man and as an athlete, and for anybody that stands up for what he believes in like Chris did, I have a lot of respect for guys like that

I think it’s time for both parties to move on. At the end of the day, no matter how entertaining Kluwe may be (to some), he is just a punter.

  • hektus

    Now teams are going to be “encouraged” to keep mediocre players for political correctness……..WTF