Video of Tim Tebow working out at USC

It looks like Tim Tebow is still working on his throwing motion, even though it’s never helped.

[ I Follo Sports via Terez Owens ]



  1. says

    Dear Mr. Tebow:
    I LOVED you at the Florida Gators! If any detractors complain about you–point to your collegiate record.
    For the future & NFL, I believe that you have torn your left (throwing arm) rotator cuff.
    I know the problem, I had it myself. An MRI can confirm this. A simple arthroscopic surgery will FIX it (in my case the doctor had to grind down the bone & stitch the rotator cuff. I could throw so much better like 200% better.
    And your eyes, you might consider getting your eyes checked. Anybody poked you in the eyes but being the man you are yoou just shook it off.

    #1: MRI + fix rotator
    #2: eye test start wearing a visor & GLOVES for NFL pass receptions.
    #3: Back to the NFL with guns a blazin’
    Respectfully yours,
    Dan Stillmu
    your brother in Christ.

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