Video of Fred Davis throwing a drink at a woman in a nightclub

According to Black Sports Online, a video has surfaced of free agent tight end Fred Davis throwing a drink at Makini R. Chaka.

We’re still waiting for the verdict for the case of Chaka vs. Davis.

Since then, allegations of Ms. Chaka being a madam (something her lawyer denies), beef between Redskins and Ravens, Davis having a drinking problem and abusing women, have all been thrown out there.

The crux of the lawsuit, is that Davis threw a drink at Ms. Chaka, this video provided by Ms. Chaka’s lawyer, seems to back that up.

From looking at the video, it’s pretty obvious that Davis is guilty.



  • Fred Johnson

    he threw a drink on her.. did not throw the bottle, can clearly see it in his hand as she recoils.

  • Robert Moran Jr

    Looks like this is only part of the video! & So First, I’d like to know “If They Know Each Other, Did They Talk Before This? And If So, Just What Did She Say To Him! If Anything, Before This Happened” Now then, I’m not saying that what he did was Right, “But Was He Provoked Into This Action!” I Don’t Know. So I shall give him the “Benefit of the Doubt!” Until I have all the Facts!