Video of Darrelle Revis working out

According to Jenna Laine of Sports Talk Florida, Buccaneers cornerbacker Darrelle Revis has been working day and night and even on the weekends in preparation for training camp, which begins in less than a month.

Laine obtained the video below of Revis working out and gave her analysis of his rehab.

As you can see, he’s moving around pretty well, and is showing good reaction and change of direction. Granted he’s not leaping through the air or doing anything earth-shattering, but this is far more entertaining than me standing around, attempting to describe to you all how he’s progressing.


Whether Revis is actually ready to go full-speed in training camp or not, the team will proceed cautiously and likely limit his workload, with the true goal being the season opener against the Jets. So far, it looks promising.


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