Victor Cruz says there was an obvious “disconnect” between Eli Manning and the receivers

victor cruz 2New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told the media that there was an obvious “disconnect:” between quarterback Eli Manning and his receivers this season.

“Absolutely,” Cruz said via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think this year I want to make it a point to get with Eli a little bit more, get with our quarterbacks a little bit more and get the receiving corps together as much as we can to kind of build that more.”

Cruz says the receivers need more continuity.

“I think that’s the one thing we lacked, was kind of that continuity from a receiver standpoint with our quarterback. And I want to build that earlier this year, whether he have to set some time apart with the receivers and Eli whenever he’s ready and schedule it right so we can build not only on the field but off the field.

“We want to get to know each other more and stuff like that. I feel like there was a little bit of a disconnect there that we want to get back for this football team.”

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