Victor Cruz on Philly: “We don’t enjoy playing there”

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told reporters that he’s not crazy about going to Philadelphia to play the Eagles.

“There’s other places that are worse,” Cruz said via the New York Daily News. “Obviously, Philly is up there.”

“We don’t enjoy playing there,” Cruz said. “It’s something we have to do… Just the atmosphere and it’s not the best place we always want to go and play. We have to go there and play.”

The Eagles probably have one of the crudest fan bases in the NFL.  That’s why most teams don’t like playing there.



  1. Anonymous says

    Paul Jackiewicz; how would you know? No worse than any other stadium. Did you see the Jets/NE game last week? How about Dodgers/Giants Baseball last year? And before you bring it up – Santa Claus was drunk back in the 80’s – which to this day, people can’t let go. You won’t ever find a more loyal fan base anywhere as long as the player bring 110% to the field!

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