Victor Cruz: Orlando Scandrick holds every play

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Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick pretty much laughed at the fact that the Giants talked so much last week and ended up losing.

After being held to 2 catches,  Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is claiming that Scandrick held him on every play.

“He always holds on every play,” Cruz said, via “It’s always borderline whether it was pass interference or holding or whatever. I just don’t think about that and understand that he is going to do that and play through.”

Cruz continued,  “You just have to understand what you’re coming into and what type of player he is.  You watch him on the field, he grabs and holds on everyone. You just have to be able to battle through it and get yourself open.”

I find it hard to believe that Scandrick got away with holding Cruz on every play.  Sounds like an excuse to me.




  1. mtcowboyfan says

    More whining from the biggest sissy in the league.
    Maybe he can talk elly manning into taking him salsa dancing tonight.

  2. Anonymous says

    Sounds Michael Irving-trained to me. He was the dirtiest player to ever be a part of the NFL, and he routinely got away with it.

  3. says

    With Nicks out he is playing bad?? Please Nicks is the worst, he won’t be there next season because he is not a one receiver. If Nicks is so great, why doesn’t he play in the slot?

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