Victor Cruz looking to land a reality TV show

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told the New York Daily News that he’s looking to land his own reality TV show.

“It is going to be something that is very unique to me and very unique to what I like, and like to do,” Cruz said.

“We are still fielding some requests, so we will see how it goes — the timing has to be right, and I have got to squeeze in some training in there before the season starts,” he said.

Cruz wants the show to be just about him and doesn’t want to deal with the drama NBA player Kris Humphries went through with Kim Kardashian and their show.

“I definitely want it to be my show,” he said. “My own thing, something that I can contribute to and something I like to do, I can be comfortable with, and an easy show, something people like to watch and that people can be in tune with on a daily basis.”

Cruz would like the show to to be filmed in New York, but is looking to help the Giants win another Super Bowl first.

“We understand the Super Bowl is in New York City, and that is motivation for us … we have got to be ready to go,” he said.

Right after the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2011, Cruz shot down an offer to appear on Dancing with the Stars.  It sounds like his views on appearing on a television show have changed.  I’m sure Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports are trying to talk him into doing a lot more things off the field to expand his brand and add money to his wallet.

Update: Now Cruz is claiming he never wanted to do a reality show.

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