Victor Cruz: Hakeem Nicks deserves “Mike Wallace money”

hakeem nicks

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told USA TODAY Sports that he believes his teammate Hakeem Nicks is worth the same money that the Dolphins paid Mike Wallace this past offseason.

“Absolutely, Hakeem is worth Mike Wallace money,” Cruz said. “He’s worth whatever his numbers indicate, which are pretty well up there and worth that.

“If he does ask my advice, I’d tell him to go out there and play. That’s the only thing he can control — playing his heart out each and every week, being a good guy in the locker room, which he already is. Everything else will fall into place.”

I agree with Cruz that Nicks is worth “Wallace money,” but he needs to stay healthy if he wants to get that kind of money.



  1. Keith says

    Nick’s will get over paid by some really desperate team.
    If he HADN’T already won A Super Bowl in NY then he would prob take less money and play for a great Franchise like NYG NE.But he already won his ring so he want’s to cash in. The Panthers seem like the prime candidate possibly the Chargers if Rivers doesn’t improve. After he lost Jackson he just hasn’t been the same player. The Jets will likely try to bring him in but Nicks is going to want to go somewhere with a proven QB so his numbers stay good.

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