Victor Cruz asked his mother if he could buy a Rolex (Video)

Only if more athletes got advice before spending their money.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told GQ that he asked for his mother’s permission before he bought a Presidential Rolex watch.

It sounds like Cruz is a smart man when it comes to his money. Good for him.


  1. says

    What a wuss? Did he ask his mommy if it’s OK to buy a Lamborghini too?
    My idiot son is sooo attached to his ‘special ed’ mommy, he actually ASKED HER if it was OK to join the CHP !!! Another wuss.l
    What has happened to men of self-determination? I didn’t ask my mommy what kind of car to buy.
    I didn’t ask my mommy if it was OK to join the service. Or to play football.
    A nation of ‘males’ wanting to be femals–and they know this at age 13?
    “Let him wear a dress.” says the advice columnist. WHAT??
    The chicks get all tattooed up, hair buzzed, wear a Pendleton man’s shirt, Levi’s and boots. She’s NOT sure which way she’s swinging these days!@?
    Oh, I know dudes want to wear a skirt so they look like …what’s that black dude rapper who wore a tea length leather skirt for a show. Screw that.

    Wear your jungle beads and carry a spear for all I care.
    “Mommy, can I wear a bra now. I’m 15”

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