Vick on Cooper: Things are back to normal

riley cooper

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told Albert Breer of the NFL Network that everything is back to normal even though Riley Cooper returned to practice on Tuesday.

“Everything is back to normal,” Vick said, via

Vick is proud of his teammates.

“I’m so proud of my teammates because of their resolve,” Vick told Breer. “In tough situations and tough times, you have to be able to persevere and kind of become bigger than the situation, so to speak … I respect these guys because they understand the bigger picture.”

 Vick says they want to move forward.

“We understand the severity of it but … want to move forward,” said Vick.

Vick is smart, he knows the Eagles can’t afford to dell on Cooper’s racism, they need to move on if they want to win this season.



  1. says

    wait? Did YOU just say “dwell on Cooper’s racism” ? !!!
    #1: Coop was D-R-U-N-K ; how drunk–pretty darn drunk, I’d say.
    #2: He had a little ‘audience’ to show off for.
    #3: He said the ‘n-word’ ONE g.d. time.

    This whole thing is being blown all out of proportion by the media, the mayor de Philadelphia who said, “…he’ll have to MAKE IT UP to the city of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL….’
    “Mr. MAYOR, exactly WHAT does Riley Cooper have to do? Clean toilets at city hall, pick up trash at the park, hang out with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton like Michael Richards–although Richards was sober; he used the n-word 40+ times and said “a few years ago, they’d be hanging from trees.” I don’t know whether he meant apes (evolution) hanging from trees or a lynching.?
    Enough already.
    RILEY COOPER is not a racist
    And once the word slips out–you’ve “RUNG THE BELL” and it cannot be ‘un-rung’.
    Get over yourself, you media hypes.

    Is there any doubt that Coop has ‘owned it’ (not denying it) and has been miserable with himself ever since?
    Do you need him to commit suicide to prove he’s sorry.
    I’m disgusted.

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