Vernon Davis is a no-show for 49ers minicamp

Without any surprise at all,  tight end Vernon Davis was a no-show for the start of the 49ers mandatory minicamp on Tuesday.

Davis just made it clear while writing a guest column on Monday’s Monday Morning Quarterback that he wants to be paid what deserves as one of the NFL’s top tight ends.

Davis will be subject to a fine since he’s under contract and skipping the Niners’ mandatory minicamp.


  • Theoldsarge

    He wants millions more. Shame on you, you are getting so many millions now. For them to give yu more money, I guess we that make less than 100,000 a year will have to pay more for our kids hot dog at the game. Did you not sign a contract. Are you not a man of your word. I used to admire you –guess not now since we do not matter.

  • FeatherRiverDan

    For a person who wants more money then turns around and give’s some back in a fine is just stupid….I say 49er’s trade him if u can!!!!!!