Brian Urlacher would be “pissed” if the Bears won Super Bowl

brian urlacher

Usually when retired NFL players are asked about their former team, they’ll wish nothing but the best for the team. It looks like legendary Chicago Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher, is not one of those players.

When asked by Dave Dameshek of, Urlacher said he would be “pissed” if his former team ever won a Super Bowl.

I’m still rooting for them,” Brian Urlacher said, via the audio clip linked to above. “I hope they do well. They better not win a championship without me because I’ll be really pissed.”

Initially it sounds like a very selfish statement by Urlacher. However you have to consider the source. Nothing against Dameshek but his segments with are usually humor based so it’s fair to wonder whether the “interview” was more of a casual conversation and Urlacher just made a joke. Regardless, this is a statement that won’t sit well with Bears’ fans.

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