Tyrann Mathieu chased down a wild boar with a baseball bat

tyrann mathieu 4

Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu told reporters that he had a run in with a wild javelina outside of his Arizona home, which is a wild boar for those like me who had no idea what that is.

“I only seen one this time, but there have been a few occasions when I’ve seen a whole gang of them,” Mathieu said, via the Arizona Republic. “I live right there on the mountain, and they come down at night.”

This past Tuesday a wild boar got too close to Mathieu, so he grab a bat and chased it down as one of his neighbors watched.

A boy in the neighborhood spotted Mathieu who ended up stopping to talk with the boy and his father.

Reporters asked Mathieu if he’s afraid of Javelina.

“No,” he responded.

The honey badger was asked what his plan is when he sees the wild board.

“Get a baseball bat,” Mathieu said.

“Run ’em off,” he said. “They won’t turn on me. I’ve got the baseball bat. I used to play baseball, man.”


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