Two women claim they were punched at the Seahawks parade

According to,  a 67-year-old woman named Margy Conlee and her daughter were attacked by two men and a woman during last week’s parade in celebration of the Seahawks Super Bowl championship.

“I heard my daughter say, ‘He hit me!’ And as I came up (from picking up my cell phone), I still just see this brown fist just coming at me,” Conlee said. “That’s all I see.”

The police report states that the incident started as a verbal altercation and then escalated after her daughter Alyxa asked the group of people to watch their language around her 7 year old daughter.

“(It was) just very vulgar, very disrespectful to everybody,” Alyza remembers. “I asked, ‘Would you refrain from using such language? Because my daughter’s here and I don’t appreciate it.'”

“He said he had his own effing 5-year old there and wasn’t going to change his language for everybody,” added Conlee. “(My daughter) tapped him on the arm, like, ‘Can you please stop?’ and that’s when all the ruckus started.”

The two men each punched Alyxa in the face, while a woman pulled her hair. One of the men began punching Margy, who is 67 years old. The whole event, police say, was witnessed by the two girls who were with them, including Alyxa’s 7-year old daughter.

“I remember (I was) on the ground. I remember crying. I remember crowds and that’s all,” said Alyxa. “Now I can’t close my eyes without seeing (the attackers).”

  • Anonymous

    Good work! You managed to find an incident to smear what would otherwise be the envy of any other city; a near stand-still in crime during an event that 20+% of the State attended within a few blocks. I hope your proud.

  • Anonymous

    Typical Seattle fans, I went to a game wearing opposing team coat, and had beer thrown at me throughout the game…Way to go Seachicken fans..Beating up a girl and an old lady..Real Class !

    • Anonymous

      Typical niner fan….can’t read. The ar;ticle reports that a 67 year old lady and HER daughter were punched. The little girl was the granddaughter and she was not touched. It was obviously race related and had nothing to do with being a sea hawk fan. Your statement of how Seattle treats opposing teams fans is irrelevant In this situation. The only opposing team fan who was at the rally was the disabled boy who as a 49er fan and he was given money for college by our classy fans.