Two quarterback coaches believe they can fix Tim Tebow

Famous quarterback coach George Whitfield Jr. believes he can fix Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and help him become a successful NFL quarterback.

“It won’t cost too much monetarily to fix Tebow,” said Whitfield, who has worked with Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck. “But it’s going to take at least six weeks of dedicated, isolated training time.

“It’s doable,” Whitfield continued. “And I absolutely believe it can be done, and I would absolutely go in with him on it. He is going to have to make the decision to morph to the position — to re-engineer himself skill-set-wise to quarterback. Footwork-wise, hip-generated throws, throwing up over defenders, it can be engineered.

Whitfield says Tebow is going to have to dedicate himself to getting better in the offseason.

“Wherever Tim goes next year, he’s going to have buckle in and dedicate himself in what is going to be a very interesting off-season for him.”

Another quarterbacks coach that believes he can help Tebow is Terry Shea.

“If all of a sudden, Oregon coach Chip Kelly comes into the NFL next season, Tim Tebow would flourish in Chip Kelly’s system,” said Shea. “There’s a future for Tim Tebow, if the right coach comes along.

Shea can’t see Tebow being good at throwing from within the pocket.

“Where Tebow won’t be OK is throwing from within the pocket. His accuracy will always be a negative.”

“I’m sure you get to the point where you keep hearing all those voices in the background of your thought process,” Shea said. “That’s why, when you go back to most of the great NFL quarterbacks, a la Joe Montana and Tom Brady, they pretty much had one voice as their quarterback coach. Tom Brady had Tom Martinez. I knew Tom Martinez quite well, so I know what Tom Brady must have heard.

Shea noticed that Tebow’s motion looked great in warm ups, but he reverts to his elongated throw during games.

“Tim has that elongated windup and the ball drops below his waist. But I watched him warm up just briefly on TV the other night before they played Tennessee, and I didn’t see that in warm-ups.

“But when you get under pressure, you’ll see quarterbacks revert to what they’ve done all their lives. You wonder whether his mechanics will ever be altered enough to where he won’t keep reverting to what he naturally does.”

I really believe Tebow can become an NFL quarterback, but he really hasn’t dedicated himself to changing his mechanics, in my opinion.