Troy Polamalu wouldn’t shave his hair off, even if it meant winning a Super Bowl

Erik Kuselias of Pro Football Talk on the NBC Sports Network asked Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu if he would be willing to shave his hair off and leave it off for a decade if it meant the Steelers would win the Super Bowl this season.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Polamalu said.  “And that’s not a lack of confidence that I have in our team.  It’s more or less from appreciation that I have for football in general.  You never know what can happen in this sport.  Who knows what a 2-3 team can be, who knows what the NY Giants did last year?  It comes more for my appreciation for the preparation of athletes and teams.  That’s why I could never be a newscaster.  You know, I couldn’t be like all right, you know, the so-and-so are going to beat the so-and-so 17-13 for this reason.  It’s just, I have too much respect for people that prepare and for the sport in general.”

This was kind of a dumb question since Polamalu has already won a Super Bowl.  It’s not like he’s desperate for another one.

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