Troy Polamalu feels great heading into this season

troy polamalu


Steelers safety Troy Polamalu admits he has to pace himself during camp in an attempt to stay healthy.

“I absolutely have to pace myself in camp,” Polamalu said.  “You’ve got to see what you need to see. Whether or not you’re practicing every day in camp or whether you miss the entire camp, no one remembers as long as you play 16 games.

“It’s been going well in camp. I see where I’m weak and where I need to get better. It’s benefited me as much as anyone else being here.”

The good news is that Polamalu claims he’s 100 percent healthy after dealing with a calf injury that hobbled him last season, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

If the Steelers want to get back to the playoffs in 2013, a healthy Polamalu will only help their chances.





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