Troy Aikman says play-calling against the Packers was “mind-boggling”

troy aikman

In an interview with KTCK-AM via the Dallas Morning News,  FOX Sports NFL analyst Troy Aikman was very confused by the Cowboys play calling in the second half of last week’s loss to the Packers.

“They were about to run Green Bay right out of the stadium,” said Aikman.  “The philosophy has always been you throw the ball early in games to build the lead, you run the ball late to win games. And I believe in that. That’s the way we did it in the ’90s. I think, by and large, that’s the way Jason Garrett would prefer to do it. But if there was ever a time that DeMarco Murray should have had 25 carries in a game, that was it. You’ve got a 23-point lead. And as it turns out, Eddie Lacy ran the ball almost twice as much as DeMarco Murray in the second half of that ballgame, which is pretty mind-boggling. It was as bizarre a loss as I’ve ever witnessed.”

Aikman stated the obvious.  I think every Cowboys fan has been hitting his/her head all week trying to figure out what their beloved team was thinking.



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    Count me in as one of those Cowboys fans banging their heads against the wall. This is the very first time I’d advocate firing a couple of people. This last loss and the one against Detroit were devastating to me. I can’t bear to watch them anymore.

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