Trestman doesn’t see Cutler returning early

jay cutler

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall and QB Jay Cutler have both gone on record predicting an early return for the injured Cutler. Marc Trestman is pumping the brakes on that.

“I think he’s trying to get better as quickly as he can,” Trestman said after Monday’s practice, which Cutler watched. “I don’t know that he’s trying to push it. He wants to get back as soon as he can. That’s all I can really say, but I think we’ve got to stay in line with what the doctors have said, and if it’s better than that, we certainly would be happy about that.”

If Cutler makes truly remarkable progress he may return early but I am going to predict that Cutler sits out at least the prescribed four weeks. It’s understandable that Trestman would rather have Cutler miss an extra game and return for the rest of the season than have him return early and risk another injury.

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