Travis Frederick is ready to prove that Jerry Jones made the right pick

Offensive lineman Travis Frederick was asked by the Dallas media if he had any idea of how much criticism Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has taken for drafting him in the first round.

Frederick avoided the question.

“Obviously, I think they made the right choice,” replied Frederick, per the San Antonio Express-News.

He was asked if there’s now some added pressure on him because people felt like he was over-drafted.

“No, not for me,” Frederick said. “I just take my game as my game and don’t worry about what other people think or what other people are saying.”

Frederick is encouraged that Jones considers him the “foundation” of the offensive line.  He said it’s a “great vote of confidence.”

“I believe I’m a very good player and that I can do that,” said Frederick, 22. “It boosts my confidence.”

Frederick believes offensive line coach Bill Callahan will help him develop into a great player.

“I got a chance to meet with Coach Callahan quite extensively in the pre-draft process and actually learn some stuff from him,” Frederick said. “He’s a tremendous coach. He’s going to make me into a very, very good player, and he did talk about Mangold and how he coached him and some of the things he did with him that made him into a really good player.”

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