Packers should probably let Tramon Williams go

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports believes the Packers could free up a lot of cap room if they decided to move on from cornerback Tramon Williams.

The Packers have ample space — especially considering how few young players are in line for extensions, which is an anomaly for them. But given Williams’ drop-off in play since landing a big deal, I would save the $7.5M by cutting him to reinvest in WR Jordy Nelson, free-agent WR James Jones or TE Jermichael Finley.

The Packers are also scheduled to meet with Sam Shields’ agent at the combine.  They clearly want to re-sign him, which could lead to Williams being released.


  1. Dertay Ernesto says

    Do you actually watch football. Tramon Williams is all they have. Yes I agree he is subpar but they need someone right now. Keeping Jones is a joke. He lost more than a step this year. You watch his game film and he always had a dback on his back and thus wasn’t thrown to much. His break away speed broke away. time to cut him.

  2. kevin hodgkins says

    Restructure his deal or let him go. I liked what I saw from Tramon this season especially towards the end of the year. However, the 7.5 million is just to much to pay for him. With the money we would be saving we could easily bring back shields. Then we would be starting SS, Casey Heyward, with Davon House in the slot. Maybe even House on the outside and Heyward at slot because in my opinion he is better there. I know House isn’t that great but I think that he has the potential to be a starter. I really liked what I saw from him in the San Francisco game to end the season. Micah Hyde is also progressing and we would be able to draft a corner and safety in the draft. Not to mention what Ted Thompson could do with the cap room we have. I just don’t think Tramon’s production warrants a 7.5 million dollar salary and the players we could play, although not spectacular, are still good enough to win while adding other quality players.

  3. Anonymous says

    the way tramon played the last 5-6 games we should keep him, devin house sucks he holds on every damn play give me a break

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