Tramon Williams says his shoulder is better

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packers cornerback Tramon Williams says his shoulder is better and he’s ready to take over the leadership void that Charles Woodson has left behind.

“We know that when Charles was here, he had that role,” Williams said. “He was the leader of this group. He taught us things. And I’m going to keep that alive — I’m going to keep that alive. I’m going to come out and do the same thing. The younger guys usually come to me for things anyway. So whatever they need, I’m going to try to get those guys up to speed to play”

Williams was one of the best corners in the NFL a couple of years ago, but a shoulder injury has hampered him since 2011.

With Woodson gone, it will be up to Williams to lead the Packers secondary this coming season.

  • johnzoul

    What a lame article! If he plays in the preseason like he has the past two years-he should be released. What happened to his ‘great coverage skills’? He can’t tackle and he cannot cover any number 1, 2 or 3 receivers. This may be why Micah Hyde was drafted-to replace him. There is good reason why the Packers pass defense has been so pathetic the past two years and the main one is the decline of Tramon Williams. Before last season he said his shoulder was 100%. If after 2.5 years it hasn’t healed, maybe it never will. Also, his coverage skills appear below average. Shields, Hayward, and House all playedsignificantly better thanTW in 2012. We do not need another season of TW/2011 & 2012.