Tramon Williams claims he didn’t know he pushed an official

tramon williams


Packers cornerback Tramon Williams claims he thought he was pushing an opposing Lions player and not an official during Thursday’s game against the Lions.

“It was an accident,” Williams said. “One of the offensive linemen, after they scored, just kind of ran up into (me) and gave me a shoulder celebrating. I was walking, actually walking toward that way, going off the field.

“The referee must have come and just walked right in front of me and grazed me. I don’t know if he was trying to hold me or what. He just grazed me and I kind of knocked his arm off me. I was already frustrated. It was just an emotion thing.”

“I wasn’t paying attention who it is and knocked the guy’s hand off me,” Williams said. “It was an emotional thing. It wasn’t anything.”

Misunderstanding or not,  I’m sure Williams will receive a nice FedEx envelope from the NFL with a fine in it for him.

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