Top 5 QBs eligible for the 2014 NFL Draft

5. Braxton Miller – Ohio State

Miller has a lot of tweaking to do if he’s going to be an NFL QB. He’s got the overall physical talent, but he needs to develop as a passer. He possesses elite like speed as a quarterback. Miller’s biggest problem is that he loves to take off and run with the ball before the play develops. He has a cannon of an arm, but he needs to become a smarter quarterback. He can place the ball anywhere he likes, but he needs to become more aware of what the defense is throwing at him.

Bottom Line:

If Miller shows that he can put himself in a pass first mindset, then he could enter the 2014 NFL draft. But as of now, it looks like Braxton will benefit with 2 more years of college under his belt.

4. Marcus Mariota – Oregon

Marcus Mariota may be the best pure passer in all of college football; he throws a beautiful ball. He can really zip balls into tight spaces. He has very great arm strength. The offensive system Mariota plays in hurts him the most when talking about transitioning to the NFL. A lot of his reads are predesigned for him. He’s very athletic, but we need to see more viewable evidence of Mariota thinking for himself.

Bottom Line:

Mariota is a redshirt sophomore, I can’t imagine him not staying at Oregon for at least another season.

3. Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M

Manziel is one of the most exciting players I’ve ever watched. He’s an uber raw talent, but his upside is outstandingly high. His arm strength isn’t great, but he can make most throws. His short area quickness is downright awesome. His release is amazingly quick, and he can thread the needle on passes. I’d like to see him go through his progression more often; he gives up and runs too quickly. Johnny also isn’t having a great offseason; he’s been criticized left and right. He needs some coaching up, but this kid could be an enigma.

Bottom Line:

I hope Manziel doesn’t get pushed into the NFL before he’s ready. He needs at least one more season in college. This kid can be special.

2. Tajh Boyd – Clemson

Tajh Boyd could be the No.1 by season’s end; there really isn’t a hole in his game. Nobody in college football has a better deep ball throw than Boyd. He has all the tools to be an NFL QB. Boyd is also dangerous on his feet.

Bottom Line:

As of now, I don’t see why Boyd will not be a top 10 selection in the 2014 draft.

1. Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville

Teddy Bridgewater has everything you want in a pro quarterback. Bridgewater is mobile, a great decision maker, and is very accurate. His ball placement is very good. He’s also learned how to use legs the right way: As a last resort.

Bottom Line:

I believe he will be selected No.1 overall, as long as the team with that pick is in need of a QB.

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