Top 5 guards in the NFL

1. Evan Mathis – Philadelphia Eagles

You aren’t going to find a better guard in the league than Evan Mathis. He possesses the best pass blocking ability of all guards in the NFL. He only allowed one sack in 1,155 snaps and only 12 QB hurries. He’s a very patient protector, and displays the ability to shoot off the snap very quickly. Mathis is a high-level run blocker as well. The Eagles had the most running success running behind Mathis, they averaged over 5 yards per carry.

2. Marshall Yanda – Baltimore Ravens

Yanda did not give up 1 sack all season, including the playoffs. Yanda’s length helps him keep distance between defenders. He handles speedy and strong pass rushers very well. His footwork while blocking is top notch. Yanda is also a great run blocker. He is extremely powerful, but that tends to hurt him at times as well. Yanda attributed a lot to the Ravens’ championship run.

3. Mike Iupati – San Francisco 49ers

Iupati is not a high level pass blocker, but he’s good nonetheless. Iupati needs to become more patient and a balanced pass protector. He also needs to become more aware off the snap of the ball. Iupati gave up only 2 sacks and 12 QB hurries in 2012. Iupati is the best guard in the league when it comes to run protection. He shines during tosses and pitches.

4. Alex Boone – San Francisco 49ers

The Niners’ line is fantastic isn’t it? Boone is every bit as good as Iupati, it was truly hard to decide between the two. Boone isn’t a dominant pass blocker but he isn’t a slouch. Boone allowed only 4 sacks in the entire 2012 season. He is the definition of a dominant run blocker. His strength and football smarts make him tough to beat during run plays.

5. Brandon Moore – New York Jets

Moore is the most balanced guard in the NFL. He possesses high-level ability in run and pass blocking. He’s very quick off the ball, and takes on speedy pass rushers very well. Moore only gave up 4 sacks and 14 QB hurries last season. Moore really stepped his game up in the run blocking department in 2012. He has improved his footwork, and ultimately became an elite guard in the NFL.


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