Top 5 centers in the NFL

1. Mike Pouncey – Miami Dolphins

His twin brother receives more recognition, but in my mind, Mike Pouncey is the best center in the league. One of his little known qualities is his ability to point out a blitz before the snap. He is an elite pass protector, he does an exceptionally well job at holding his own. He is very quick off the ball, and rarely loses the upper-hand. His run blocking skills are top notch besides one flaw: At times he’ll have trouble in one-on-one situations. Mike Pouncey is the NFL’s most complete center.

2. John Sullivan – Minnesota Vikings

Sullivan is highly underrated by many people. Sullivan possesses better than average pass protection skills. Sullivan allowed 2 sacks and 8 QB hurries in 2012. Sullivan had a great season making running lanes for Adrian Peterson in 2012. He does a nice job at the second level, and is quick off the snap. Sullivan is the best run blocking center in the league.

3. Jonathan Goodwin – San Francisco 49ers

Goodwin is a better pass blocker than most believe him to be. He did not give up one sack the whole season, and trust me, he was put in a lot of one-on-one situations. Goodwin has good movement for his size, but he’s not the strongest offensive lineman. Goodwin clears out running lanes with the best of them. He’s a big reason why the 49ers line is so good.

4. Max Unger – Seattle Seahawks

Unger did not give up 1 sack all season long in 2012. Unger is a good pass protector, but not exactly great. Unger is very versatile, and can hold his ground in one-on-one situations. At times he’ll stand too tall and lose leverage against the defender. Unger is an elite run protector, he does a very good job of working his way upfield and taking linebackers out of the play. He’s constantly moving in run protection.

5. Chris Myers – Houston Texans

Myers is a very agile player; weighing at 290lbs he’s a rather light center. Myers is one of the best pass blocking centers in the league. He does a great job of shadowing defenders, and his footwork is fantastic. If Myers bulked up a bit, he might be a better run blocker. He lacks the strength to be an elite run protector.

  • Anonymous

    Props for acknowkedging mike pouncey,i only read this article to see if he was even on the list…fyi him and his brother are twins so he’s not the younger bro…good job…

  • Michael Richter

    I forget that they are twins sometimes because Maurkice entered the league a year before Mike.