Tony Romo says the Cowboys are on the verge of success

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo released a statement after signing his new six-year extension that will pay him up to $108 million.

“This is an organization that always gives us a chance to win, and that is always the main focus here,” Romo said in a statement, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We haven’t had the type of success that we have all wanted the last few years, but I do know that we are on the verge of doing that. I have been around good teams and bad teams and our team is about to take that next step with a lot of things that are taking shape around Valley Ranch. Today just further instills that and I am excited about our team and the direction we are headed.

“This football team that we have is a good team and with all the people we have coming back and the things we are doing behind the scenes, it will make us a very difficult ball club to beat. I am excited that ownership and the organization believes in me to get this job done. Our goal is the Super Bowl, and I am determined and honored to be the guy in this position to help our team do that.”

Haven’t the Cowboys been saying this for the past ten years or so?  I’ll believe when I see it and I don’t expect them to win until Jerry Jones learns how to run a football team.


  1. says

    romo is to political, cmon your offensive line still a mess, need sign brandon moore or a rhigt tackle in fa, and still draft offensive line in the first 2 rounds, romo with an above average offensive line in 2007 put arecord of 13-3, can all remember that

  2. just_joe says

    I will believe it when I see it. Jerry Jones never should havd given him this offer, Roo is a good quarterback. But he reminds me of another quaterback that was good abd broke all kinds of records. Does anyone remember Danny White he broke all of Rogers records in his first year, Danny also got the Cowboys into the playoffs several times. However Danny like Romo could not win th big game. Danny complained a bit too much about his line and they let him gets hit. Which wouldn’t surprise me if the line didn’t do that with Romo,,,

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