Tony Romo no longer has an endorsement deal with Starter

tony romo

According to Todd Archer of, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo no longer has an endorsement deal with Starter.

While he signed a six-year extension with the Cowboys in the offseason worth $108 million, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback no longer has an endorsement with Starter and will enter the season without an agreement with any apparel company.

According to a source close to Romo, he had multiple offers from companies but he wanted to spend the offseason focusing on his rehab from surgery to remove a cyst on his back and his work with the offensive coaches instead of an endorsement deal.

Romo had been a national spokesman for Starter since 2009.

Romo has worn Nike cleats for most of training camp and is expected to wear them in Friday’s preseason game at Oakland.

Until a few years ago when I heard Romo had a deal with Starter, I thought they had fallen off the face of the earth.  I would think he could get a deal with a better company any way.


  • eddiehouse23

    That’s cuz he sucks and heez a sissygurl…

    • mtcowboyfan

      I bet that took you all day to think up that stupidity huh eddy. Maybe you need to go back to the wwf page boogereater

      • eddiehouse23

        Boogereater? Your either a 7 yr old or your frm West Virginia “mtcowpiefan”…I said he sucks cuz despite having the same general nucleus of players over several years, he cant seem to win a playoff game or even make the playoffs at times…heez a sissygurl cuz he missed several games a few yrs ago cuz of a broken “pinkie finger.” These are facts, so theres no stupidity here and this took me 2 mins to type, not all day…BOOM!

      • eddiehouse23

        mtCowPiefag…Raiders Win !!!