Tony Romo making great progress, moving to next stage of rehab

tony romoAccording to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News,  Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is making great progress from back surgery and is moving onto the next stage of his rehab.

Tony Romo has made excellent progress and will soon move into the next stage of his rehabilitation, sources said.

The Cowboys quarterback had surgery to relieve the pressure of a herniated disk on Dec. 27, two days before the team ended the regular season with a loss to Philadelphia. Basic core and stabilization exercises are the first step in the rehab process.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has already stated that he believes Romo will get back on the field prior to the start of training camp.


  • Milliken Steeler

    He is going to be 35 years old coming off of back surgery. Anyone who knows anything about football knows he will never play in a Superbowl and its all about the media circus with Jones. He will try to keep selling tickets with the hype machine but Tony’s career isn’t going to get better.