Tony Romo hasn’t expierecned any setbacks

When Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke with ESPN the other day about his rehab from back surgery we failed to mention that he indicated he hasn’t suffered any setbacks.

“It’s going good,” Romo said. “We’re getting close now. Usually it takes three months, it’s just normal kind of roundabout date that they give you and we’re right on schedule. Really ahead in a lot of ways. Just going to be ready to go here in about a month and rehab is going good, no setbacks of any kind. [My surgery] was just a normal small version of it, so I should be good to go here shortly.”

As some people may know, a back injury is very serious and typically ones back is never the same after undergoing any type of procedure.  It’s a great sign that Romo hasn’t suffered any setbacks so far.  We’ll see how he holds up this offseason as well as the entire 2014 season.