Tony McDaniel says the Broncos appeared to give up

There was no signature comeback by quarterback Peyton Manning today. The Broncos were flat-out beat down in the Super Bowl 43-8 by the Seattle Seahawks.

Via Mar Sessler of, Seahawks linemen Tony McDaniel says the Broncos gave up when they were down 29 points.

“When we was up about 29 points, just his whole emotion was kind of like he was dry,” McDaniel said. “Just the whole team looked like they was giving up, and once we scored again, I knew it was over.”

There was too many gut-punches today for Denver to overcome. The pick-six when they were only down 15, giving up a touchdown on the second half opening kickoff, and oh so many more moments that demoralized even the great Peyton Manning into “giving up.”