Tommie Harris: Jim Irsay treats Peyton Manning like an ex-girlfriend

jim irsay

Former NFL defensive tackle Tommie Harris had a brief stint with Colts and claims that owner Jim Irsay is treating Peyton Manning like an ex-girlfriend after his recent comments essentially bashing Manning.

“I had a chance to be under Jim Irsay when I was with the Colts, and I’ve got to say he was quite different, a different owner,” Harris said on the NFL Network via “You know how that ugly girlfriend, she kind of goes away, and then she ends up getting pretty and losing weight and then she ends up getting back healthy? This is the thing, Peyton Manning has become that girlfriend. They got rid of him, thought he was used up, thought his neck was messed up, and went back and became so beautiful.”

You just have to love Harris’ comparison.  It also makes plenty of sense.

I’m sure a part of Irsay thought Manning would never play again or never be as good as he once was after multiple neck procedures and now he’s back on top as the NFL’s best quarterback.