Tom Coughlin tried to hire Chip Kelly in 2006

According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin thinks so highly of new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly that he offered him a quality control job back in 2006 when Kelly was a coach at the University of New Hampshire.

Coughlin revealed that bit of news Wednesday at the NFC coaches media breakfast on the final day of the league meetings. Kelly was seated a few feet away at the same table. Coughlin didn’t know Kelly at the time, but Dave DeGuglielmo, who was then the Giants assistant line coach, was friends with Kelly and based on his recommendation, Coughlin interviewed him and offered him a job.

“I was very tempted to go, because I have the utmost respect for Coach,” Kelly said.

He thought he aligned perfectly philosophically with Coughlin in terms of discipline, not making mistakes, taking advantage of what the defense gives you. “The only reason I didn’t take the job is because I wasn’t going to be a position coach,” Kelly said. “That’s what I was going to miss if I left New Hampshire.”

He equated the quality control position to being a graduate assistant. “You are doing the breakdown aspect of things, which I liked,” he said. “He had an outstanding staff. He just didn’t have an assistant position open. I felt at that time I wanted to stay and grow as a coach and coaching my guys.”

I’m sure if Kelly ended up with the Giants, he would have been promoted and probably would have ended up with another team by now.