Tom Coughlin says the Giants couldn’t pass on Ryan Nassib

ryan nassibNew York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin told ESPN that quarterback Ryan Nassib was too good to pass up.

“He was the number one player on our board at that time. We thought that if we were to lose him in that situation it wouldn’t be smart,” Coughlin said, per “We felt very strongly about this young man. We look at him having an opportunity to learn from a great quarterback in Eli Manning, and we thought the value was too high to pass.”

General manager Jerry Reese feels the same way.

“We think he can be a starter in this league,” Reese said. “I hope he never gets to play here because Eli is in the prime of his career and we hope he plays a long time here, but we really like Nassib. . . . We like his skill set.”

Nassib was a great pick for the Giants.  I’m sure their plan is for him to stick around for a few years then trade him for a some draft picks.


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