Tom Coughlin says the Giants can’t rely on Hakeem Nicks the way they used to

hakeem nicks

After Monday night’s game against the Vikings where Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks dropped numerous passes,  head coach Tom Coughlin says he’s not as reliable as he once was.

“You’ve got to get to the point where the reliability factor is there as strongly as it always has been,” Coughlin said via the New York Daily News. “Has it been there up to this point? No. But we’re saying ‘Let’s get back to work and get this done.’ We count on this guy.”

Coughlin doesn’t think Nicks is distracted with thought of cashing in when he becomes a free agent.

“No,” Coughlin said. “Because I think anybody that thinks that way has to understand fundamentally you better take care of your business on the field, you better get your job done to the fullest of your abilities.”

If Nicks doesn’t improve his play, he won’t be getting a lucrative contract from anyone.