Tom Coughlin: Giants would have repeated in ’08 if Plaxico Burress didn’t shoot himself

While taping an interview with Michael Kay for a show called Centerstage on the YES Network, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said that he believes his team would have repeated as Super Bowl Champs in 2008 if Plaxico Burress didn’t should himself.

Coughlin said when he thinks of the Giants’ 2008 season, he can’t help but first recall Plaxico Burress’ self-shooting. At the time, the Giants were 11-1, but ended up losing to the Eagles in the playoffs. Had that incident not occurred, Coughlin said he was certain the team would repeat as Super Bowl champs. “We were the best team in the NFL at the time of the shooting,” Coughlin said.

I tend to agree with Coughlin.  The Giants were red-hot before Burress’ incident.  But then again, you never know what would have happened in the playoffs.

The interview with Coughlin will air on June 4th, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.