Tom Coughlin confident David Wilson will learn from mistakes

As concerned as Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is over Davis Wilson’s problems with holding onto the football, he told reporters that he’s confident Wilson can make the necessary adjustments.

“He’s following the technique that he’s been taught,” Coughlin said, via the NY Daily News. “And we’ll see under pressure if he can continue to do that. . . . He can do a good job of covering the ball up. He was careless and it cost us dearly. But I’m confident he’s going to learn from it.”

Coughlin made it clear that fumbles will not be tolerated.

Fumbles have to be eliminated,” he said. “That’s something that’s not going to help the team win.”

It sounds like Wilson is down to his last chance to prove that he can be the Giants starting running back.  There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll get the start against the Broncos this week.  But if he turns the ball over,  he’s done.




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