Tom Brady’s surgeon says RG3 will need to change his playing style

Dr. Neal ElAttrache is the surgeon who repaired Tom Brady’s ACL and MCL a few years ago and he told USA TODAY Sports that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will have to change his playing style.

“There’s a good chance that he’s going to be an impact player again, there’s also a very good chance that it’s going to be with a slightly different style of play,” said ElAttrache, an orthopedic surgeon at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopeadic Clinic in Los Angeles. “I don’t think he’ll be 100% in six months or nine months.

“I do think he’ll play in the 2013 season, however. I do not think he will be playing the same way he was playing this year, and whether that’s a permanent play-style change he makes or not remains to be seen.

ElAttrache added: “If there is a silver lining to this injury, it may end up prolonging RGIII’s career. From his ability to play and survive in the NFL, coming back from this injury, he will need some evolution in his game.”

ElAttrache stressed that a running quarterback has the same longevity as a running back

“If you look at how he was playing and what was happening to him, RGIII barely made it out of this season without another concussion,” ElAttrache said. “If you look at how he went about playing his position, the longevity of a guy like that is not the same as a pro-style (more pocket-based) quarterback.

“Look at the longevity of a running back in the NFL compared to a pro-style quarterback who plays the game like a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, like an Aaron Rodgers. Look at how much shorter the lifespan is for a running back. It would be unreasonable to think that you’d be able to play 16-game regular seasons, plus postseasons and preseasons, playing the way RGIII has and center your franchise around that guy.

“Unless you have another two guys who can play like him, what are you doing?”

Elattrache makes some great points and I completely agree with him.  Griffin is going to have to be a different player in 2013 that he was this past season and there might be some drop off in his play.


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