Tom Brady reported on Christian Ponder’s injury by accident

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady keeps in contact with his former back up Matt Cassel.  He told Albert Breer of the NFL Network that it looks like Cassel will start this week after Ponder suffered a rib injury this past Sunday.

Ponder was able to throw the ball during today’s walk-through.

  • Anonymous

    writer of article needs to suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    tom brady is wimp, grow up already.

    • BradyJealous

      Jealous f#ck

    • K

      a wimp? really? gotta love the haters.

    • NFL fan

      I love that haters call him a wimp. Shows how stupid they are

  • ken1lutheran

    So Brady let something from a conversation with a friend slip that would better have been kept quiet. Is there anyone alive who hasn’t done that from time to time? BFD.

  • Jack_Joke

    Yawn… stupid article, provocative title, no substance.

  • Sully

    Why are unimportant data like this around and Amendola’s head to head, knocking him unconscious, with no ref penalty last week, go unmentioned ?

    The Pat’s were homered in NY today

  • Anonymous

    This “article” is like a fart in a windstorm. Who cares? Brady is a fly-by-night getting more attention than he deserves. I predict a brief career.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Kreskin – his brief career is in its 14th year & he is a first ballot HOF’er.

      • Anonymous

        He is talking about the authors carrer.

    • jokenjive

      You predict a brief career ??? What rock have you been hiding under for the last 13 years ???

      • Ken Howes

        That “prediction” is typical Pats-hating. Facts don’t matter. For them “Belicheat and the Cheatriots” must be bums who’ve cheated, because we all know that NOBODY could consistently beat their beloved (Jets)(Steelers)(Colts)(Eagles). It’s fascinating that the fans of teams that have over the years done fairly well against the Patriots, like the Giants or Broncos, aren’t similarly obsessed, and you can talk on a pretty friendly basis with them. But one thing about this prediction. If someone keeps making it, eventually the day when it will be true that Brady hasn’t much longer to play. At this point, I’d guess Brady probably has two or three more seasons as a top-drawer QB, and will be able to play at an acceptable NFL level for about two or three more after that. He has too much pride to play when he can no longer play at an acceptable NFL level. Typically great QB’s will have that one last bad season that tells them, “This is it.” The most recent great QB to come to that day was Brett Favre. The next one will be Peyton Manning, and then Brady. There’s the occasional Len Dawson or Roger Staubach who is great to the last day.

        • Anonymous

          Well said

  • NFL fan

    More BS from wannabe reporter