Tom Brady: Darrelle Revis is the best corner I’ve ever faced

As Tom Brady and the New England Patriots prepare to face off against the Buccaneers this weekend, there’s one familiar face on the other side of the ball that they’ve seen enough of over the past several years.  That face belongs to cornerback Darrelle Revis who faced off against Brady twice year for most of his career.

Brady told that Revis is the best corner he’s ever played against.

Yeah, I don’t think there have been many balls caught on him in these two weeks. He didn’t play the whole game against the Jets, he played pretty much the whole game against the Saints, and he looks like the same guy to me. There’s nothing negative about his playing style, there’s nothing negative about his skill set. He can really do it all. He’s fast, he’s quick, matches up against small guys, matches up against big guys. He’s really long, he’s really strong, he’s patient. Some guys you really guess all the time and sometimes you guess wrong, he never guesses wrong. He’s smart, he sees the whole field. I’ve never played against anyone who is as good as him. He’s as good as there is that I’ve ever played against, so you just have to be careful when you throw his way because you know he’s going to be close. There’s no one that’s going to be wide open, you’ve just got to make sure you put the ball in a position where only the receiver can catch it.

I can hear Richard Sherman crying for attention all the way out in Seattle, but he needs to wait before Brady shows him some respect.


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