Todd Haley’s seat heating up in Pittsburgh?

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette told PFT Live that Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley could end up on the hot seat.

“I don’t think it’s warm and fuzzy,” Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently told PFT Live regarding the relationship, “but I do think it’s improved since last season.  Now that can unravel as well.  Todd made some strides in trying to reach out to Ben and they agreed to go over the playbook, throw some plays out, change some names of ones that were familiar to them before.  So they were taking steps in that direction but you know, there’s an undercurrent here right now at 0-2 that’s not good, so I think we could even see more of stuff like this Antonio Brown come out even with others.  I’m saying I think the relationship was good, or getting better, but you know, again, at 0-2 there’s a lot of stuff going on and it can only get worse.”

Head coach Mike Tomlin may end up looking to replace Haley.

“[W]e aren’t scoring enough points — 19 points in two football games is not going to win a lot of football in this league,” Tomlin recently said, per Bouchette.  “If you would have told me we would have scored 19 points through the first two games, I would have told you we would have had an opportunity to be 0-2.”

Tomlin even implied that there’s something wrong with the play calling.

“There’s been a problem with our functioning,” Tomlin said. “There’s been a problem with our production. There’s been a problem with our points. You can point to whatever you want to point to in regards to that, and, obviously, if the plays aren’t working well, then we’re susceptible to that judgment.”

It’s very obvious that Haley just isn’t a good fit for the Steelers offense.  They’ve been dysfunctional since he arrived last season.



  • http://foxsports Bob Graff

    There are several things quoted that aren’t exactly true. The play calling is very predicable , The plays themselves aren’t very well thought out. Then the idea of going to a zone blocking scheme when you have two tackles who’s biggest problem are footwork and agility. I hate to say it but everybody’s waiting on Bell to comeback , thing is he was never been here yet. ,And just his style and body type worry me because like everything else with the offense they just don’t match with today’s NFL , he’s more like Bam Morris than Barry Foster. We’ll see very soon. And here are 2 of my opinions for what there worth Redman is useless in this offense cut him, going foward splitting the carries between Jones around 12-15 and Dwyer 6-10 would work better than what we are currently doing.