Titus Young speechless in court, facing 11 total charges

According to USA TODAY Sports, former Lions wide receiver Titus Young had three more counts added to the eight he’s already facing.  So now he’s looking at 11 separate charges against him.

The three new counts were mentioned Friday at a pretrial hearing in Orange County Superior Court, where Young made an appearance marked by his silence and stoicism. The exact nature of the counts was not available immediately, because they had not been filed yet.


But Young’s attorney, Altus W. Hudson II, said they relate to an alleged attempted burglary the night of May 11. Young already faces charges of breaking into a house that night.


Of the eight previous charges, three are felonies. He also faces possible prosecution for a DUI arrest in nearby Riverside County.

During Young’s court appearance he remained silent and didn’t say a word.

In court Friday, Young, appearing inside a protective cage while wearing inmate orange, was addressed by the judge.


“Good morning, sir.”


No reply.


“Can you hear me?”


No reply.


“Are you Titus Demetrius Young?”


No reply.


The judge immediately called the attorneys into a sidebar, which became rather lengthy. During the next 12 minutes, Young stood at attention, his head tilted back, his eyes close most of the time.


At one point during the long, private discussion between the judge and the attorneys, Young’s father, Richard Young, called out to him.


No reply.


Hudson later said that it is Young’s right to remain silent and that is his choice.

Young clearly has some mental issues that he needs to get help with.