Titus Young had no idea the Rams had cut him

According to the Idaho Statesman, Titus Young’s former high school coach E.C. Robinson claims that Young’s mental problems are so bad that he had no idea that Rams even released him this offseason.

His high school coach in Los Angeles, E.C. Robinson, remembers seeing his former player last Christmas, when the coach’s wife had to remind Young to turn around the ball cap he had on backward, and pull up his sagging pants. He was also going on about how he was better than All-Pro teammate Calvin Johnson in Detroit.


Young’s behavior was much more alarming a couple of months later. Robinson said his daughter had to grab Young to keep him from wandering into traffic in front of their house, and the coach said Young didn’t even know the St. Louis Rams had released him 11 days after the Lions did the same thing because of his erratic behavior.


“He shouldn’t be out on the streets,” Robinson said. “The day he left my house, I was scared. I mean, you’ve got a loose cannon out there that could go off anytime.”

The NFL tried to recently help Young, but he was never receptive.

The NFL says it tried to assist Young 18 months ago, right around the time he was wrapping up a solid rookie season with Detroit. Back then, he had shown few signs of being the character risk teams feared he might be coming out of Boise State, where he sat out most of the 2008 season for disciplinary reasons.


Troy Vincent, a former player who is the NFL’s senior vice president for player engagement, said Young rejected several offers of help after someone close to him contacted the league — long before he was arrested last month. Police say Young was the intruder who prompted a California homeowner to call 911 and start loading a rifle.

I really hope Young is able to get the help he needs to live a normal life.  Forget about an NFL career that’s over at this point.


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